The Art of Kevin Hunts


The Gold Lining

This image simply came to me as I watched a colorful sunrise through gold-lined clouds. I thought it would be interesting to see the clouds take the form of the symbol of Louisiana and later thought of the symbolism the image would inspire.  These prints are signed and numbered with a limit of 250 and can be ordered in sizes of 11X14 ($35.00), 16X20 ($45.00), 16X24 ($45.00), 18X24 ($60.00) or 24X36 ($80.00).

Tiger Lily

The piercing eyes of a purple and gold tiger gaze at you through the image of a fleur de lis in this 11X14 signed and numbered print with a limit of 2500 prints.   $30.00


A culture in a remote part of Indonesia believe that women were created from flowers. I based this painting on that idea. A humming bird feeds from this human/flower hybrid. These prints are 11X14, signed and numbered and limited to 1500. $35.00

Confusion, Con, Fusion

This was just one of those surreal images that came to mind that had to be painted. Not sure what it really meant, in my confusion, I conned over the image for a title. Noting the fusion of the body and mind of this creature, the title was created: Confusion, Con, Fusion. The last two words combine to make the first and vice versa. The title can go around full circle much as the posture and physical form of the creature. 12 X 12 signed and numbered limit of 1000. $35.00

Laketown Lighthouse

This is a lighthouse in the northern-most end of Kenner, Louisiana which is called Laketown near Lake Pontchartrain. This lighthouse survived the powerful winds and pounding Lake Pontchartrain waves created by Hurricane Katrina. To me, it symbolizes the strength of the people of Kenner and, on a broader scale, Louisiana. 11 X 14 signed and numbered limit of 1000. $35.00

Ix Balam II

Ix Balam (pronounced: eesh-bah-lahm) means "Jaguar woman" in the ancient Mayan language. This is another one of my human/animal (plant) hybrids coming out of the woods wearing typical Mayan regalia and holding a scepter with the heads of Kulkucan, The Feathered Serpent, on both ends. This pencil drawing is recreated in this 11 X 14 signed and numbered limited edition of 1000 prints. $35.00

New Orleans Courtyard

This is a mural I painted in the dining room of a home in the Lakeview subdivision in New Orleans. This house had over eight feet of water inside after hurricane Katrina and is now restored to better-than-before condition with the addition of the mural. You can own a smaller 11 X 14 print of the mural signed and numbered with a limit of 250. $35.00

The Solution

This is an obviously fictional solution to the problems New Orleans faces. I used real photos that I took of New Orleans, Lake Pontchartrain and the concrete columns that hold the power line towers in the lake. I used photo editing software to layer the photos and add the "hurricane protection bubble" into this art piece. This makes a great conversation piece.  8 X 10 signed and numbered limit of 1000. $25.00


These fleur-de-lis/butterfly hybrids are designed with markings based on actual species. The butterfly is often considered a symbol of rebirth as has the fleur-de-lis since hurricane Katrina. You can own a print of one of these or e-mail me to request an original based on your favorite butterfly species. Please send a picture and/or a name of the species you desire. 8 X 10 signed prints cost $20 and signed originals are $60. 



contact me: (504) 715-3154

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